Hi, I'm Andrew

and I'm a guitar player. But really more of a bass player. I also make web-based projects, and this is one of them.

I love to adjust, build, and change things, so naturally I learned how to work on my own guitars. Now that I've been helping and working with other musicians and their instruments, I wanted to set up a website with more information about what I do.

Over time, I've developed guides, techniques and tools that helped me, and I share them here hoping they'll help you too.

Andrew playing bass

Questions and Answers:

What I Offer:

Guitar Services

From setups to custom builds, my guitar service shop offers high-quality work with a personalized experience.

Articles and Guides

Guitar related ideas, graphics, notes, videos and other resources.

Tools for Musicians

Create custom guitar tab sheets, get data about a specific song, and more with web-based tools for musicians here.