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What we do

Grizzly Guitar offers personalized guitar setups, customizations, and repairs, as well as a curated selection of tools, parts and instruments for sale. We are dedicated to artistry, quality, and creating an experience that is as special and unique as your guitar.


Adjust and fine-tune every aspect of your guitar to get the feel, playability and tone you want. We work with you to match your guitar with the way you play so your instrument becomes an extension of yourself, not an obstacle.

Checking string height


From simple upgrades to custom builds, we'll work with you to create a guitar that channels your personality and musical style.

Gibson SG with custom pickups and knobs

Repairs and Restoration

Whether your guitar needs a minor repair or a complete restoration, we'll work with you to find the best solution.

Soldering a potentiometer


From cleaning and conditioning, to inspections and string changes, we make sure your guitar is ready for storage, stage, or studio.

Cleaning a Gibson SG

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Services are offered by appointment only. Each appointment starts with a conversation, so please fill out the form below or send an e-mail to get started.


We offer services on-location in Baltimore, MD. as well as remotely via shipping.

Baltimore, MD